The site was hit by spam bots that  were filling out the registration form for a membership to our website by the thousands.  This was affecting how well the website was working.

The site administrators are fixing the issue.

The first step was to add security measures the to sign up page.

The second step was to delete all inactive memberships.

The third, and ongoing step is to be more proactive on monitoring the sign-ups.


If your membership was deleted it was simply because your profile showed no activity on the site.

We value your membership to the UMBA Website.

Please simply fill out the registration form again with the new security measures in place.  The security measures simply ensure that your sign-up is valid and not a spam bot.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This should not happen again.

Thank you for your understanding,

UMBA Web Admin.

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4 Responses to Spam!!!

  1. crosspein says:

    Thanks Chris. Please send me the newsletter password. As current editor, I’d like access to the old issues 🙂

  2. ccoleman says:

    The password for the newsletter is different than the one for the website. This is because anyone can be a free member of the website and not necessarily a paying member of the club. We try to limit access of the newsletters to paying members of the club, this keeps it so we have more to offer you as a paying member. If we let everyone have access to this and other member benefits we would have no paying members and our club would not exist.

    If you are a paying club member i can send you the password for the current newsletter.

    Thank you.

  3. crosspein says:

    I have the same problem…

  4. rlschwab403 says:

    i did the password reset. i got logged in (obviously) but i can not get passed the second login asking for my password when i click on “monthly newsletter” is there still an issue with this or is my account stuck in a limbo with 2 passwords?

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