UMBA Website

Since taking on the task of webmaster for UMBA I have become more involved with the club and it has been very rewarding.  I would like to thank Jim and the board for giving me a chance to help out the club in such a manner.  There a few of us who have admin access on the site. With their help we have created a great website and hope to add more features.  Thanks guys, for your help, you know who you are. I hope everyone is pleased with it so far.

On that note…

I have been receiving great feedback and wonderful ideas for our website… Keep’em Coming Guys and Gals.  The more feedback I get, the better we together, can make this a great and consistently up to date website.  Feedback, whether you feel it may be negative or positive is still constructive.  I am in constant contact with the board members and discussing the site, trying to be sure the site is up to par.  Please, if you have any comments shoot me an email or a text (my cell number is listed). Even something little.  For instance, if you think the background color needs to be changed, let me know.

I hope to get the pictures moved from our old site to the new site, I am trying to figure that out still.  I also want to start moving the items in the tailgating section over to the new site.  If you have something in the tailgating section that you do not want listed any longer please let me know.

The newest quarterly newsletters are posted however the page is password protected you MUST be a current paid up member of THE CLUB not the website to view it.  If you are a current member in good standing send me an email, I will check our database and I will get you the password for the newsletter page. We are currently discussing how to handle the past issues and plan on scanning them all into PDF format and offering them in digital format as well.  Let me know if there is any part of the site not working properly and I will do my best to correct it in a timely manner.


Cris Coleman