Winter Event Success!!


Although it was pretty cold we had a better than expected turn out and the Demonstrator was great.  We hope everyone had a great time and was able to bring something home from the event whether it be a new toy, tool, or some knowledge. There was a lot of information shared throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

There was a whole lot of food and it was all so good.  It went really fast.  Sunday there was not much to choose from for left overs.

There were tail-gators set up selling there wares and some tools and equipment, hopefully you were able to find some treasures or something you may have “needed”.

Hopefully everyone who attended had a great time and for anyone who came in from out of town we hope you had a nice stay in your hotels.

I will post some pictures of the event in the pictures section.

Don’t forget to check out the other up-coming events…

Carl Syburg

We regretfully,  just received notice of the passing of Carl Syburg. Carl was an UMBA member and past officer.

We were all saddened to learn of Carl’s passing, and the creation of a memorial scholarship fund is a fitting remembrance.

Any inquires can be directed to and I will answer any questions

If someone wishes to make a donation to the fund, I will receive the donations and deposit them into UMBA account.
I will keep a list of the amounts and the donors. We don’t have a online mechanism receiving donations.

Make checks payable to UMBA
add in on the memo line:

Carl Syburg Scholarship Fund

send to:

UMBA Scholarship Fund
313 Hillveiw Circle
Waukesha WI 53188

UMBA offers scholarships to our members for training at all levels. The members then pass on the knowlege that the have acquired to the rest of our membership though articals written for our newsletter and through working demonstrations.

Thanks for your remembrance.

Our condolences to the family from,

Everyone at The Upper Midwest Blacksmith Association.