Our Quarterly Newsletter Is No Longer For Members Only!!

UMBA recently had our board meeting and it was decided that our Quarterly Newsletter should be available for all to see. I have removed the password protection from the newsletter page.

The newsletter is published quarterly by the Upper Midwest Blacksmith Association, a non-profit organization of amateur and professional artists and blacksmiths. Our purposes are the sharing of knowledge, education and to expose the art of blacksmithing to the public. UMBA is affiliated with the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America.


Material from the newsletter may be freely copied and reproduced without permission for non-profit purposes, provided credit is given to the author and this journal. Copyrighted materials may only be reproduced with the permission of the author.



Little giant Hammer Rebuild Seminar

Please join us March 10-11, 2017 for our annual Little Giant Rebuilding Seminar!
This class was first taught by our good friend Fred Caylor of Zionsville, Indiana. We carry on his tradition of teaching how to make Little Giants run well and hit hard.
This 2 day class is a hands-on format. You will help transform a 25 LB Little Giant hammer from functional but sloppy condition into a well tuned, quiet, hard working hammer. Sid Suedmeier, owner of Little Giant, will share all his knowledge and experience gained from working with Fred and from 25 years of repairing and rebuilding Little Giants.
An old style 25 LB Little Giant will be rebuilt during the class, and a new style machine will be on hand to demonstrate proper assembly and adjustment of both styles.
The class is held in our shop in historical Nebraska City, Nebraska. The city has a wide variety of cafes, outlets (including Pendleton Woolen Mills), antique and gift shops, orchards, wineries and museums.
No experience is required to attend this class. Past students have ranged from age 15 to 90, and from all walks of life. Anyone who wants to learn will benefit from this class. We approach the rebuilding process using tools that can be found in the average home workshop.
If you are in the market to buy a power hammer, this class will make you an educated shopper. If you already own a Little Giant, or any other brand of power hammer, this class will teach you how to get the best performance possible.
The class costs $95, refundable up to 7 days prior to the class; advance registration is required. We limit the class to 25 participants. The class starts at 9 AM sharp on Friday, and usually ends by Saturday evening. We will be available on Sunday until noon in case we encounter any exceptional problems in rebuilding, and to answer remaining questions.
**Paul Novorolsky
Editor-UMBA Journal
Upper Midwest Blacksmiths Association

Facebook Group/Happy New Year

Hello everyone, from all of us at UMBA Happy New year and we hope you had a great holiday season.

First of all,  Thank You for using our website,  we get weekly reports of the traffic and it is astonishing how much it is used. I am continuing to try to keep it as up to date as possible.

Since the website has seen so much traffic and it has proven to be a relatively usefull tool to keep everyone informed,  I decided that it is equally important to have a dedicated Facebook group. So I created the new Official UMBA Facebook Group. Click on the link and it will take you there. To keep down the spam it is a closed group but, I WILL approve you. I am not a Facebook person so I am looking for moderators and help approving members and help keeping it up to date. Please get in touch with me if you are willing. I hope this will be a good addition.

Once again Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from UMBA!