Candidates for the Nov. 9 Board election

We will be electing 3 new Board members Nov. 9 at Centaur. The new Board will then elect a new President, replacing Jim Ribordy who is retiring.

Here are the candidates. Check back because this list may grow.

AARON HOWARD is a full-time smith in the Madison area. He is part of the team working on the steam hammer in Edgerton.

TIMOTHY WISNIEWSKI has been active in the FireFest events. He has been posting videos of our events on the UMBA Facebook page.

RALPH SCHWAB has volunteered at the Other Side of the Anvil events in Galena. He’s been a member for several years and is always willing to help.

ANDY SVOBODA is a current Board member running for re-election.

STEVE McLENACHEN has been a regular at Jim’s place for the last 2 years and has participated in several events. He is interested in becoming more involved in the planning and execution of club activities.


Demonstrators announced for Nov. 9

These are the UMBA members demonstrating at the Fall Conference.

JEFF AMUNDSON will demonstrate forging a thread scissors in a single brick mini-forge, including forge welding the cutting edges.

LLOYD BELLOWS will show us several easy projects suitable for demonstrating to a crowd.

ANDY SVOBODA will be doing some simple sand casting using Petra Bond, with a discussion of pattern making and the melting furnace.

AARON HOWARD will demonstrate how to use other people’s sweat and muscle to accomplish your goals on a big piece of metal.